The Zentrader rewards program is designed for very active traders and traders who regularly deposit and trade hundreds-of-thousands of dollars each month. Much like frequent flyer points and airline rewards, credit cards and banking services, the more you spend the more you are rewarded. The world of financial trading is no different. Generally the larger you are, the lower your costs of executing trades.

A Genuine Volume Traded Cashback

The rewards program is a genuine cashback or trading rebate. Bonus funds are applied in the same way as the initial welcome cashback bonus. There are no hidden terms and conditions or unreasonable turnover requirements which are common to the industry. Zentrader’s target market is the serious, more sophisticated investor who demands a no-nonsense trading service.

Zentrader Rewards Gold

Tiered Loyalty Rewards System

Similar to the Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black tiered system offered by credit card companies, there are 3 tiers in the Zentrader VIP rewards system. The tiers are based upon volume traded, win or lose, you will continue to accumulate loyalty points with each trade you make. The three Zentrader tiers are:

Zentrader VIP Rewards

The Zentrader VIP rewards doesn’t just end with the loyalty system. Their friendly support team is genuinely concerned with giving you the best trading experience available in the market today. Planning to trade a ECB data release or US election day and want higher trade limits? Want another feature on your trading platform? The Zentrader VIP support team will always accommodate where possible.

If you haven’t yet traded on Zentrader, you can sign-up to trial the platform with a demo trading account here.

If you already have a Zentrader account, our Learn To Trade tutorials covers the basics of navigating the platform and assets, depositing and withdrawing funds and placing trades.

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